Thursday, March 22, 2012


Rando Man's "frandz" ask to borrow a CD.
Rando Man: Hey, Rando Dan. Do we have [this CD]?
Rando Dan: Wait, who wants it? Creeper?
Rando Man: Yeah.
Rando Dan: It's going to someone of a higher priority.
Rando Man: When will we get it back?
Rando Dan: I don't know. It could be weeks! It could be a day!
Rando Man: Ok, I'll tell them someone else has it.

The "frandz" ask to borrow Rando Man's ID.
Rando Dan: What are these kids? Borrowerz4LyfE? You should ask them to borrow something right now. Like a comb, because my brother has to comb his long, beautiful hair and his comb broke even though it says it's "unbreakable".
Rando Man: Because you know broski's trying to comb out his dreadlocks. You know how broski is.
Rando Dan: Did you answer them yet?
Rando Man: I'm doing that now.
Rando Dan: "R U STOOPZ?"
Rando Man: LOL should I write that? Will they get it?
Rando Dan: No, they won't... "R U LINSANE?"

Rando Man: Ok, I told them no.
Rando Dan: What'd they say?
Rando Man: "It's ok, thanks anyway"
Rando Dan: "UR A JOKE!"

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