Friday, February 03, 2012

INB4: Pizza Pockets and Stefano Faita

Rando Dan and Rando Man made Pizza Pockets. The box claims there are "no unpronounceable ingredients!"

Rando Man challenges Rando Dan to read them.
Rando Dan: water, pepperoni... sea salt... smoke flavour?
Rando Dan turns on the TV. In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita is on and he's making a pulled pork sandwich with liquid smoke.
Rando Dan: WHAAAAAT?!

Next, Stefano Faita makes a muffuletta sandwich. He takes a large loaf of bread, cuts it in half, removes the delicious fluffy inside part, and promptly gathers it together...
Rando Dan and Rando Man: WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT?!
...and discards it.
Stefano Faita: It's out of this world.

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